Sitar Indian Cuisine Menu

Sitar Indian Cuisine Menu


Tomato Soup $3.99
Indian Style cooked with aromatic spices.

Mulligatwany Soup $3.99
Lentil and sliced chicken breast in cream of coconut,garnished with lemon and coriander leaves.

Vegetable Soup $3.99
A rich blend of fresh vegetable made to suit the taste hot and sour.

Fresh green Salad $3.99
Lettuce with tomato,onion,lemon served with raitha(Indian style dressing with home-made yogurt)

Chicken tikka Salad $7.99
Tandoori baked white meat chicken slices on a bed of fresh green salad.


Served with Tamarind & Cllantro Chutney

Vegetable Samosa $3.50
Pastry stuffed with potatoes and green peas.(2 pc.)

Meat Samosa $4.50
Pastry stuffed with ground lamb and peas.(2 pc.)

Vegetable Pakora $3.50
Mixed vegetable fritters.(6 pc.) gluten free

Paneer Pakora $4.50
Home-made cheese seasoned and dipped in lentil batter

Gobi Pakora $4.50
Seasoned florets of cauliflower, dipped in lentil batter.

Aloo Bonda $3.50
Seasoned mashed potatoes dipped in lentil batter.

combo Tokri $5.50
Assorted vegetable appetizers.

Tandoori Mix Grill $12.99
Assorted meat appetizers, freshly baked in tandoor oven.


(Served with coconut chutney and sambar, lentil cooked with fresh vegetable – gluten Free)

Sada Dosai $7.99
A thin crepe made with lentil and rice batter.

Masala Dosai $8.99
Dosai stuffed with seasoned mashed potatoes.

Mysore Masala Dosai $9.99
Dosai stuffed with seasoned mashed potatoes,raisins cashews,and coconut chutney.

Keema Dosai $10.99
Dosai stuffed with lightly seasoned ground lamb.

Uttapam $8.99
(Topping: Onion or vegetable),rice and lentil pancake spread with ginger onion, tomatoes and peas.

Idly $5.99
steamed rice and lentil cakes.

Medu Vada $5.99
Fried lentil doughnuts.
DIETER’S DELIGHT FROM OUR TANDOOR(Tandoor is a clay oven to bake all tandoori dishes)
(All Tandoori dishes served with lemon and bell pepper on a sizzler)

Tandoori Chicken $11.99
Chicken marinated with yogurt, herbs, and spices(Half portion with bones).

Chicken Tikka $12.99
Boneless pieces of chicken (White meat) marinated with yogurt, herbs and spices.

Chicken Malai Kebab $12.99
Cubed chicken breast marinated with yogurt, ginger,garlic, coriander and white pepper.

Haryali Kebab $13.99
Boneless chicken breast marinated with green masala and mild aromatic spices.

Sheek Kebab $15.99
Ground lamb seasoned with special special spices and skewered in tandoor oven.

Chef Mix Grill $18.99
A generous Combo of chicken, lamb and shrimp.

Lamb Nawabi Kebab $17.99
Tender lamb marinated and baked in Tandoor (A treat of the royals)

Fish Tikka $16.99
Salmon fillets marinated with special spices and skewered to perfection.

Shrimp Tandoori $17.99
Jumbo shrimps marinated in yogurt and herbs.

Shrimp Malai Tikka $17.99
Jumbo shrimps marinated in ginger, garlic, white pepper, saffron and yogurt.

Paneer tikka $13.99
Paneer (home-made cheese), stuffed with masalas and served with seasoned vegetables.

Chicken Korma $12.99
Chicken cooked in creamy almond and cashew sauce, garnished with aromatic spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala $13.99
Chicken chunks baked in tandoor and then cooked with creamy tomato and yogurt sauce.

Chicken Makhani $13.99
Baked white meat chicken slices, cooked in a thick and creamy sauce.

Chicken Curry $12.99
Cubes of Chicken cooked with fresh masala on a light curry gravy.

Chicken Methi Masala $13.99
Cubes of chicken cooked with fenugreek leaves, fresh ginger and aromartic spices.

Chicken Tarkari $12.99
cubes of chicken cooked with fresh vegetables and spices,garnished with coriander leaves and freshly chopped tomatoes.

Chicken Saag $12.99
Cubes of chicken cooked with creamy spinach herbs and spices.

Chicken Tikka Saag $13.99
cubes of Tandoori skewered chicken cooked with creamy spinach and garnished with ginger.

Chicken Vindaloo $12.99
Cubes of chicken cooked in a hot and tangy sauce (mild available), a dish from Goa.

Chicken Adraki $13.99
Thin slices of chicken cooked with fresh ginger, onions and coriander,garnished with ground black pepper and sliced tomatoes.

*Other chicken specialities like chiken Dopyaza, chicken Bhuna, and chicken Jalfrezi, etc. are also available upon request.


Lamb rogan ghosh $15.99
Tender cubes of lamb cooked in its own juices with aromatic spices in a thick gravy.

Lamb Methi Ghosh $15.99
Cubes of lamb cooked with fenugreek leaves,fresh ginger and spices.

Lamb Dhansak $15.99
Tender cubes of lamb cooked with yellow lentils and spices (garnished with fenugreek a must try dish).

Lamb vindaloo $15.99
Chunks of lamb cooked in a tangy and hot sauce specialty from Goa (Mild also available).

Lamb Korma $15.99
Tender cubes of lamb cooked in a creamy almond and cashew sauce.

Lamb Saag $15.99
Cubes of lamb cooked with creamy spinach and blended with spices.

Keema Chana $15.99
Ground lamb cooked with chick peas.

Keema Mutter $15.99
Ground lamb cooked with green peas.

Keema Baigan $15.99
Ground lamb cooked with egg plant.

Goat Curry $16.99
Baby goat meat (with bones), cooked in a thick brown gravy.

Sitar Ki Shaan $16.99
Ground lamb cooked with special spices, served on layers of tender slices of eggplant, garnished with cheese and coriander.

*Other Lamb Specialties like Lamb Bhuna, Lamb Khadai, Lamb Dopyaza, etc. are also available upon request.


Beef Korma $14.99
Beef cooked in a mild, creamy almond and cashew nut sauce.

Beef Saag $14.99
Beef cooked with creamy spinach and blended with spices.

Beef Vindaloo $14.99
Beef chunks cooked in a hot, tangy goan sauce.

Beef Kadai $14.99
Cubes of beef sprinkled with fresh spices and sauteed with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers.

Beef bhuna $14.99
Cubes of beef slowly cooked in its own juices with special herbs and spices in a medium thick gravy seasoned with tomatoes.

Beef Dopyaza $14.99
Tender pieces beef cooked in a thick gravy and garniched with grilled onions.

Shrimp Doonapoola $17.99
Shrimp cooked with, ginger and curry leaves in coconut sauce.

Shrimp Tandoori Masala $17.99
Shrimp skewered in the tandoor and then cooked in a tomato creamy sauce.

Shrimp Saag $16.99
Shrimp cooked with cream of spinach and blended with spices.

Shrimp Korma $16.99
Shrimp cooked with almond and yogurt sauce.

Shrimp Vindaloo $16.99
Shrimp cooked in a hot and tangy sauce.

Shrimp Bhuna $16.99
Shrimp cooked in a thick gravy of tomato and onions.

Shrimp Thoren $18.99
Shrimp diced into small and marinated with spices, sautéed with fresh coconut and ginger, green chillies and curry leaves (a delicacy from kerala).

Fish Bhuna $16.99
Salmon fish cooked in a thick curry sauce.

Aloo Gobi Mutter $10.99
Small florets of cauliflower cooked with green peas (vegan).

Lasooni Gobi $10.99
Small florets of cauliflower cooked with garlic and other spices (Vegan).

Chana Masala $9.99
Chick peas cooked with curry sauce (Vegan)

Dhal Makhani $9.99
Three kind of lentils prepared with herbs (Vegan)

Bindi Masala $11.99
Okras cooked with fresh ginger and tomato (Vegan)

Aloo Methi $11.99
Potato cubes cooked with fenugreek leaves and herbs (highly aromatic) Vegan.

Saag(Spinach) $11.99
Cooked with Paneer (Saag paneer ), Cooked with chickpeas(Chana Saag), Cooked with potato and cauliflower (Aloo Gobi Saag).

Baigan Burtha $11.99
Whole eggplant baked in Tandoor , mashed and seasoned with herbs and spices.

Paneer Baigan $11.99
Baked eggplant, mashed and seasoned with herbs, spices and sliced paneer.

Paneer Makhani $11.99
Homemade cheese cooked in a delicate sauce.

Paneer Kadai $11.99
Homemade cheese cubes cooked with bell pepper and onions.

Paneer Shahi Korma $11.99
Paneer cooked in almond and yogurt sauce.

Mutter Paneer $11.99
Paneer cooked with green peas.

Malai Kofta $11.99
Dumplings of homemade cheese, shredded vegetables and green peas.

Vegetable Masala $10.99
Mixed vegetables cooked in curry sauce.

Navarattan Korma $10.99
Mixed vegetable and dried fruits cooked with almond sauce.

Vegetable Vindaloo $10.99
Mixed vegetables cooked in a tangy and spicy sauce (mld available)

Dal Fry $10.99
Yellow lentils cooked with mild spices, garnished with coriander leavesand tomatoes.


Vegetarian (2) $41.99
A complete dinner for two, includes appetizers, choice of two vegetarian entrees served with basmati rice, naan, Dal, condiments and dessert.

Non-Vegetarian (2) $46.99
A complete dinner for two, includes tandoori mixed grill choice of two meat dishes, served with basmati rice, naan, Dal, condiments and dessert.

Seafood Lovers (2) $55.99
Served with prawn pakoras,choice of two seafood entrees served with basmati rice, naan, Dal, condiments and dessert.

Vegetarian Thali $18.99
Small Portion of two vegetable dishes; dal, veg-samosa bread, rice, raitha, and rice pudding(dessert)

Non-Vegetarian Thali $20.99
Small portion of two meat dishes; dal, meat samosa, bread, rice, raitha and rice pudding

Nan $2.50
fine flour bread baked in tandoor oven

Tandoori Roti $3.00
Whole wheat flour bread baked in tandoor

Garlic Nan $3.50
Minced garlic flour bread baked in Tandoor

Keema Nan $4.50
Flour bread stuffed with minced lamb

Chicken Tikka Nan $4.50
Nan bread stuffed with baked and sliced chicken breast

Khandari Nan $4.50
Nan bread stuffed with cashew and fruits

Onion Kulcha $3.50
Nan Stuffed with cilantro and onions

Paneer Kulcha $3.50
Nan stuffed with homemade cheese

Poori $3.50
Puffed whole wheat bread (2 pieces)

Paratha $3.00
Flat grill fried whole wheat bread

Madras Paratha $3.50
Flat grill fried flour bread (flaky)-2pieces

Aloo Paratha $3.50
Whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes and mild spices.

RICE SPECIALS – DUM BIRYANI (Aromatic Basmati rice mildly spiced and flavoured with saffron and herbs)

Chicken Biryani $12.99

Lamb Biryani $16.99

Goat Biryani $16.99

Shrimp Biryani $17.99

Vegetable Biryani $11.99

Mango Chutney $2.99

Mixed Pickles $1.99

Raitha $1.99

Plain Yogurt $1.99

Pappadam $1.99

Coriander Chutney / Onion Chutney $1.99


Gulab Jamun $3.50
Lightly fried milk balls soaked in warm honey syrup

Rasmalai $4.00
Flat round cakes of cheese soaked in sweet milky syrup

Kheer $3.50
Indian style rice pudding cooked with saffron and dried fruits

Kulfi $3.50
(Mango,coconut,or pista), Old fashioned home style ice cream made with milk

Lassi $2.75
A soothing home-made yogurt drink (sweet, salt, or plain)

Mango Lassi $3.50

Strawberry Lassi $3.75

Spice Tea or Madras Coffee $2.75

Coffee or Tea $2.25

Juice (Mango, apple,or orange) $2.25

Ice Tea or sodas (Coke, Diet coke, sprite, Ginger Ale, Lemonade, or orange soda) $1.50

A 17% Gratuity will be added for parties of five or more. Sales tax is extra. We accept major credit cards